This course covers all important aspects related to the management and financial risk assessment and applies to all persons involved in financial markets or wishing to work in this sector.

The program was designed to give candidates a deeper understanding of why and how financial risks impact financial assets, institutions and systems, and ultimately, the global financial infrastructure.

FRM® trainers have both academic and business experience and hold PhD degrees and other professional qualifications. In addition to the use of the formal GARP® material, our expert Instructors use accompanying notes and presentations in order to assist participants with the material and concepts presented.

FRM® Instructors are available both online and physically in their office at specific time intervals to provide support on a one to one basis and answer questions. Formal GARP® material and references as well as other material in digital format including video presentations, interviews of experts, day to day news and developments are used during the training.

We offer both online and self-study courses as an alternative to traditional approaches to learning. These courses allow you to take charge and better manage your own learning experience, making it easy for you to learn on your own and to adapt your studies to a busy schedule. Our online courses do more than bridge distances – in a knowledge economy and era of widespread digital communication, online learning brings together communities of collaborative learning and experience.

Our study packages help you learn the content, not just memorize it.  Instructional strategies and study materials vary between phases to ensure that you can convert your knowledge into question answering ability. The FRM® exams are practice-oriented. Candidates will be tested on emerging and practical aspects of risk management issues which might not be covered adequately in the assigned readings. We bring a lot of practical experience in financial risk measurement and derivative analysis to the classroom to fill in this important gap.

The course is designed to walk through not only the conceptual understanding but also the mathematical and statistical principles that are used in risk measurement such as those found in Monte Carlo simulation methodology.

During each lecture, we will focus on the most difficult concepts through structured case study and examples.  He will very clearly lay out the most critical points and also identify those areas that are less likely to be tested.

In-class sample exam questions will be given to the candidates so that they can not only confirm their understanding of the materials at the end of each class but also practice their exam writing skills every day.

Additional practice questions will be given daily. These questions are designed to help candidates to evaluate their mastery of that session’s study materials.

This training can prepare for the FRM® certification, which, through its contents and its reputation, has become a standard that financial risk managers must obtain in order to demonstrate their skills to the employers. The FRM ® is a valued title worldwide for employers in banks, insurance companies, brokerages, consulting firms, asset management firms, regulatory bodies, financial software firms, and the finance department of corporations. An increasing number of employers give incentives to their staff to get FRM® accreditation. More and more leading firms require FRM® for their staff applying to their top executive jobs.

Towards the end of the course, the candidates will also have the opportunity to write a mock exam and receive useful feedback from the instructor covering areas where they will need more review.